Lighting Ideas For Your Illuminated Bar

Illuminated Bar

The right lighting scheme can make a bar special and lift it into another dimension. It doesn’t matter whether the bar is simple and in a home environment or if it is a larger version situated in a restaurant or for other commercial use; lighting is an essential part of making it even more striking and lifting it from the everyday and the mundane. Here are some ideas about lighting a bar that should be applicable to both commercial and private bars:


The area in which the bar is situated and how that area is lit will help to determine the levels and type of lighting best suited to the bar. If the bar is in a reception room in a home it may not need to be so heavily lit to make it stand out. The lighting should therefore be focussed upon the specific bar area, particularly when the main lighting in the room is off. In a commercial setting a bar may be at the back of a restaurant in a poorly-lit area. It can therefore take a lot of lighting to make it stand out, although this should be aimed at appealing more to those approaching it than those sitting at it. Too much lighting can make customers feel uncomfortable and the best bars always contain an element of seclusion and shadow that allows customers to feel they have a degree of privacy while at the same time being able to see what they want to.


There is a huge proliferation of lighting on the market: up lighters, pendants, LED strips, ambient and low-level lighting. All of these can be used to create atmosphere, compliment the character of the bar, highlight detail and illuminate important areas. Colour can be used, often to great effect, but too much can make a bar look like a carnival float. Basic lighting is also currently very popular, indicating a move away from over-the-top gimmicky effects in lighting. Any lighting effects used should compliment the image the bar is intended to project.


There’s no point in lighting up a bar like a Christmas tree if the people making and serving the drinks can’t see what they’re doing or those receiving them can’t relax in the atmosphere the lighting creates. An example would be a bar that has much lighting focussed around it and above the area in which people take their drinks but has little focussed lighting over the preparation areas. Those making the drinks may not be able to see what they’re doing and those drinking might feel they’re sitting in a light box. Any lighting used must also be functional and achieve the basic aim of the bar which is to entertain people with drinks.


Lighting can be a major factor in completing a bar, especially if it is for commercial use. For this reason, it is often advisable to seek professional advice and assistance from a company such as Dawnvale.

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